Through moving images I have the the opportunity to make emotions and atmosphere really tangible and draw the viewer even deeper into a story.

Therefore, videography is such a wonderful expansion to creating static pictures.

Yoga Sound & Sea Festival

I was hired to produce an image video that shows the vibe & energy of this 4-day long festival in Germany. Here is the client's feedback:

"Lisa, you really have a special eye and captured the festival vibe perfectly!!! We really love this video so much."

I love producing social media videos for clients. More and more companies understand that they need to be produced differently than the classic image content. I need the people to look into my camera and encourage them to interact, to be real and authentic. A soft and very natural editing style is necessary to prevent the content being perceived as a commercial which will be most likely skipped on social platforms.

Social Media Winter Campaign

Austrian National Tourist Office @visitaustria

Alongside a classic image production I was responsible to produce the social content for visitaustria's winter campaign. I tried to make the models appear as naturally as possible. The viewers should feel like they are watching a normal video of their friends.

Social Media Cultural Campaign

Austrian National Tourist Office @visitaustria

Videos for social media demand a fast pace as well as creative cuts and transitions. The goal is to keep the viewers entertained and make them watch your content as long as possible.

Social Media Evergreen Content

Austria National Tourist Office - @visitaustria

This video shows that social content doesn´t have to be perfect. It also works if it is not filmed with a professional camera but it rather creates connection with the viewer. Viewers love to see how it really looks instead of watching a classic and high-class commercial.

Yoga Retreat Image Video

Steinerwirt Hangout & Hotel

For this retreat video I did not follow the social media rules and made this video a lot slower than Instagram & Co. recommend. Sometimes it is necessary to do things differently in order to make sure the content matches the respective situation.