Hi, I am Lisa.

I am an adventurous and creative soul, who loves to explore and observe the world. Since I was a child, I observed my surroundings closely, noticed what was happening around me, saw details and snapped pictures in my head. When I got my first camera, I eventually had the tool I needed to capture all of this in photographs. To this day I still love reportage photography. My mission is to make the atmosphere tangible, to tell real and authentic stories from the world, to convey a feeling. With pictures instead of words.

My pictures should invite you to immerse: In foreign countries and cultures, in the atmosphere of amazing places and of course in the unique stories of wonderful people who live their passion. Capturing people in their very own being, living their true self, pursuing their passion...that has a very special energy to me. With great attention to detail and sensitivity, I become an observer and let moments or details speak for themselves. This is my vision of how I live and love photography.

Since I am coming from Salzburg, a small city in the heart of Austria, surrounded by mountains, I love the outdoors and exploring nature's beauty. It is my place to recharge, to be fully present in the moment and to realign when life gets too hectic. 

I feel a deep love and curiosity for life. It is the colourful diversity and authenticity of the people and places that fascinate me and what I want to be reflected in my pictures.

By saying this I look forward to all the encounters on my adventure and all the opportunities that will arise. 

Ready to tell your story?

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