You want an Instagram feed that sticks out from the rest?

You want to create stories that are visibly appealing for your followers?

You want a consistent and attractive look & feel of your social media accounts?

I am not only shooting the pictures for you but I also create a bundle of creative design templates for your social media accounts. According to your corporate design you get a set of templates along the look & feel of your brand. If you don't have a corporate design yet, I am excited to come up with a concept how you can bring some diversity into your account by using appealing design posts.

Together we define what templates you need in order to communicate your content with your audience - e.g. event dates, workshops, raffles, introduction of staff members, inspirational content such as quotes or user questions and so forth. Once I know your needs I will create the templates which you can easily adjust yourself. Below you see some examples of my work.

Instagram Post Design

Yoga Center & Teacher Collective

Instagram Story & Ad Design

Yoga Studio

Instagram Story Design

News Plattform

Pinterest Pin Design

Health Retreat Hotel

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